Ride On! is an annual bike to work event for Muskegon County that encourages local businesses and their employees to be active in the community by biking to work and living a healthier lifestyle. This event started in 2008, and was developed by Access Health, the Employer's Association of West Michigan, and the Muskegon Area Chamber of Commerce. It is supported by numerous local organizations and community members.

Riders can register online to win valuable prizes, and ride from home to work on one or more days of your choice. If riding from home is too far to ride, we have established a variety of park and ride locations that you can drive to, park, and then ride your bike to work from there.

This event is for everyone, from novice to expert. In fact, most of last year's participants were beginners. Some even mentioned that this event was the first time they've gotten their bike out in years.